Debian Fast Track


Debian Fast Track is a repository that allows making “backports” of packages available to users of the stable distribution, if those packages cannot be maintained in testing and backported in the usual way.

For Users

Add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list on your buster system.

deb buster-fasttrack main contrib
deb buster-backports main contrib

If you cannot use https in your sources.list, add the following.

deb buster-fasttrack main contrib
deb buster-backports main contrib

Note: You will also need buster-backports enabled, see backports website for instructions.

Signing key for the archive is fasttrack-archive-key.asc

For maintainers

We are setting up this service, please check FastTrack page on Debian Wiki for uploading packages to the Debian Fast Track repository.

Open an issue on salsa to get support.


Follow/Get involved via: Matrix or IRC #debian-fasttrack on OFTC network.


Q: Which packages should I upload to fasttrack ?

A: If a package cannot be part of a stable release because we cannot provide security updates for the entire stable lifecylce then that package cannot be in testing or backports. Those packages get security updates along with new upstream versions and such software can be in FastTrack.

Q: Does the package need to be in unstable or experimental to be in fasttrack?

A: the package has to be in unstable, we allow packages from experimental as exceptions. We also allow packages in fast track temporarily when packages need to clear backports-new

Q: Who should I contact if I need to remove a package?

A: We use salsa issues mentioned above

Q: What are the criteria for being able to upload? Is there a keyring for developers who can upload to fasttrack?

A: For now, its fast track team members who can upload. We can give other DDs upload access on request. Use the issue tracker

Q: Where should users report bugs? Bug reports in BTS.

A: We prefer that too. It is up to each maintainer how they want it.